Sunday, June 24, 2007


my hair isn't perfect, and neither is yours. i laugh at just about anything, including my own horrible jokes. i work at chuck e cheese. i love God, my family, and my friends. i go through hard times just like everyone else, i am not perfect. i like to have fun. notice i said fun, i didn't say i like to have: sex, drugs, alcohol. i am a dancer, an aspiring actress, and an ex-model. i am fully aware that i appear to be 14, that does NOT mean that you should treat me like i am, i AM 18 years old. i have dreams, i have ideas, i have more thoughts than you could possibly imagine. i don't like to talk on the phone, so if i don't answer, don't take it personally, just leave a message. i like to go to shows, music is simply amazing. i have a year membership to the zoo, yet i've only been ONCE since i've had it, what the heck people. get going to the zoo with me. my number one dream destination is Egypt. i wish to one day travel the world. one way i plan on doing that is on an amazing around-the-world cruise. i have great friends, some of which include: angie b, j-rouse, kacey r, nikki bee, andrew sales, madison b, and my wonderful friends in 168 youth ministries. i have this title of being a "good girl," this should not be confused with a lame title of "i am boring and absolutely no fun to be around." although some people do tend to make that mistake. i am not quick to judge a person. i am horrible at holding grudges. i forgive quicker than most. i am not good at being mean, sarcastically, yes, i prefer cold weather. Family Force 5 gets me in the mood to "just get up and DANCE!" you wouldn't understand unless you knew me quite well. i am normally single, and i am completely okay with that, seriously. unlike most girls, i am NOT boycrazy. i can be trendy and stylish, but i tend to wear tshirts and jeans on almost every occassion. i shop in the little boy section of walmart sometimes. i like to be creative in more ways than one. smiling is something i'm really good at. i can eat a lot, but normally, i barely eat. i like bright colors, they often attract my eye. i like pokemon, and it seems that it's becoming more and more popular everyday.....once again. pigs are my favorite animal. i tend to think fat, ugly animals are cute. my second favorite animal is a walrus. i know lots and lots of people, but i don't have many friends. i am not complaining, i'm just stating that fact. my friend from work, nick, is probably one of the funniest & nicest guys i have ever met. no, this does not mean i like him, it just means i enjoy his company and friendship. he seriously is so funny to be around, so much that i had to write this small section about him. movies are great entertainment. i hope you have more of a life than to read all of this. traveling is fantastic. i like to wake up early, although the whole process of waking up is an extremely tedious task for me. i like to be silly, but i am good at being serious. i like to dance around to music & to think up dances. hip hop dancing is amazing, breakdancing is even better. i want to become REALLY good at breakdancing, so if you're super good, please teach me more. for real. i have two guitars. i am not saying i know how to play them, i'm just saying i own them. one acoustic electric, and the other is electric. i honestly feel like deleting all of this, but instead, i'll just save it...and probably delete it in a day or two. (:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

is it okay to make more than one post a day???

so, today while driving home, i noticed something....involving the war on terror.

i remember back in 2001, and at least the beginning of 2002 when everyone would buy those "support our troops" magnets and they were all over stores, but see more "end this war" type of car magnets and merchandise in stores. it's crazy how right after the attack happened, America was all for fixing the wrong that was done to us, but now....they seem to have forgotten what we truly are fighting for. of course there will be soldiers who die, Freedom is NOT free, people pay a price, and that price is sometimes their life. some people actually have a PASSION for fighting for our freedom, why would you fight to try to take it away, it makes NO sense.

well, i still fully support the war on terror.
i support president Bush.
if you did not vote, do not complain.
thank-you. (:

just to remind everyone...

i love God.
with everything i have.
i wouldn't have it any other way. (:
He seriously is more amazing than i could ever explain.
He is my all in all.