Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sociology Essay: One Hour Alone Time.

I chose to spend an hour and a half down by River Road in Orange Park. During this time, I sat on rocks and enjoyed the view of the Buckman Bridge and the sound of the water hitting the shore gently. It made me think of how awesome God is to create everything that He has. His creations are more amazing than I could ever come near to grasping the concept of. I love how beautiful nature is. One thing I thought about, though, was how the beauty of nature is so overpowered by the construction and technology that we have in our world today. I envy the people who have little. When I am older and live in a house of my own, I wish to live in a house in the mountains with very little technology. With my cell phone, I won’t and currently don’t care to have one up-to-date and the latest technology, such as the iphone. I am perfectly content with a cell phone that just makes phone calls and has text messaging. I do not need a camera or mp3 player on my phone. I just need a phone. I want to be able to enjoy life and not be so controlled by the fast pace that my life currently has. I wake up at 3:30am almost every morning to be at work at 4:20am, then as soon as I get off work, I come to school. Just last week I quit my second job, which helps some. I used to go to work at that job as soon as I got out of school on Mondays, and then my Fridays consisted of me going to work at one job in the early morning, another in the afternoon and early evening, and then leaving to go to my acting class. Each day after school, I don’t get to go home, I either have more class, church, a meeting, work, or acting class. Sitting by that river made me want to be like it. To be able to flow freely with time, at my own pace. My life is too fast, and it’s unfortunate. I would like to slow down once in a while, but it seems that at this time, my life has no slow lanes, all of my lanes are fast. I’m like a rushing, raging river used for white water rafting instead of a subtle stream with soft currents. I can stay at River Road so much longer than I did, but unfortunately, my busy life consumed my time, as usual. This is what I got out of my time spent at River Road.