Sunday, June 6, 2010

I grab your hand again.

This is so crazy.
That's all I can say about the situation.
It's so weird!


God is so real.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amazing grace

God is good all the time.
And all the time, God is good.


Recently, I've been reminded how great life can be.
I'm not sure if I forgot, but sometimes, I do look past the goodness of life and allow the negative to overpower the positive...which is easy to do...and very likely since it is said that it takes 10 positive things to cancel out 1 negative thing.


I'd like to ask anyone and everyone that sees this to please be praying for my friend. She's going through a difficult time in her relationship right now and any prayers would be appreciated. She's young and really needs the strength and guidance to get through this. Please pray for her to be guided and to accept the guidance in her life to lead to better things to come. She's a great person and I know she can get through it and use it as a learning experience.

Also, please be praying for my roommate's friend. She is also facing an extremely difficult time at the moment and the decisions she is having to face are huge. Please pray that she, too, is guided and goes with the right choice. It's hard knowing that the right choice and the most difficult ones are sometimes the same thing. She needs to be strong in this whole process. While praying for her, please also mention my roommate in your prayer because she is close friends with this girl and she hurts for her.


Life is good. I pray to never forget that.


And God works miracles. He heals, which is a process, sometimes long and drawn out, but he can also heal instantly.


There is too much good in this world to look past.
Happiness is inevitable.