Thursday, June 25, 2009


My life is wonderful, I am seriously so grateful for all that I have--the people, the love--it's all so amazing. I am thankful and I know that I was placed in this life for a reason. Some people have gifts that involve teaching others-like my dad, others-like myself-are moreso to just help out by loving others and showing compassion. And then there are the musical people that can lead worship in different ways to attract different people. It truly is something that puts me in awe to think about. We all fit together doing our own parts in this world, everything is just this huge puzzle, and if each piece was the same, the puzzle wouldn't go together, but since we're all so different, so unique, the puzzle creates this huge, beautiful masterpiece. I know I keep saying it's amazing, but I'm not sure how else to describe it.
Sometimes, living out your purpose is difficult to do, though. I know that I have definitely struggled with loving others. I feel like it was the way I had to learn it, too. I used to think loving people would be a breeze, but then God put me in situations that proved me wrong. I mean, I knew that there'd be hard times and people that would give me a hard time to try to love, but man, I never knew there'd be near impossible times and people that would completely test and push my limits of loving them. It really was an eye opening experience and it's just more proof that I'm still learning and growing and I have so much more left to learn about love. Love is unconditional and I strive to show that sort of love as God does, but I am merely human and well, loving people is probably one of the hardest things I do. Thankfully, I don't have to just love them out of my self, God loves them through me, so it makes it easier. God shines his light on me and I am able to reflect it to others and that's the main focus. I just have to make sure others can see Christ in me because his love surpasses all other love.
And because we live in this puzzle, I am thankful for everyone else and their gifts and all that they bring to the table. For those that play music-thankyou, and please, pursue that with all of your heart, soul, and mind. You were blessed with that talent, use it for what it's meant for. To those of you that teach-inform others of all that you can, be open to helping those out that are confused or don't understand, you're able to ensure that they understand things even just a little bit better. This list could go on and on, I just want everyone to know that what they do, the gifts that they have, they're important and that we should use everything in our power to live out the life God intended us to.

My purpose in this life is to love others. Being loved in return would be nice, but never necessarily necessary. I want to be that person that others can rely on, the one that you can go to when times get rough, the person you can trust. That is my sole desire. Other than living for God, I'm not sure there is anything else that makes me happier than to see other's be happy and simply enjoying life. I am excited to start school back up in the fall and finish earning my degree in Sociology. I will also be studying Social Work and Religion and I am so anxious to learn all that I can. After I graduate, I'll be able to put my degree to use and even moreso of my love. I'll be able to counsel others, help people that are in difficult situations, and let them know that they can make it out, happiness is inevitable. It really and truly is.