Friday, October 9, 2009

In my new direction

So I flew across the country just to find your broken word
Excuse me while I let your secrets out
Does it comfort you to think about how wonderful this was up until now?

So I guess I'll just get going, I've got better topics now
And I'm off to find some blank pages to write all of them down
Because these ones have been dirtied with the mentioning of you
You're the talk of the town now
And everybody's found it out

So I guess I'll cut my losses cause I lost a lot
I guess I'll quit complaining and I'll starting walking it off
Because there is no point in living in a past with that unhappiness
Consider it a promise we both broke
Consider it mistakes on both our parts

Cause this is closure once and for all
Oh, this has to stop right now
Cause I've been running for my life
And you could never catch me now